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Archived Posts

AT&T Forms a Classic Bullish Continuation Pattern

by Arthur Hill

The cup-with-handle is a bullish continuation pattern that forms as part of a bigger uptrend. There are three parts to this pattern. First, a cup forms as prices correct and rebound to form a "V" or "U" shape. Second, prices hit resistance at the prior high and rim resistance begins to form. Third, prices consolidate just below rim resistance and a handle takes shape. A break above rim  Read More

Wall of Worry

by Greg Morris

The "Wall of Worry" has been used for many decades to identify the period of time in the latter stages of a bullish run in the stock market, when all the naysayers start talking about a top.  I have witnessed this often.  As the bull ages, many start to think they can "call the top."  The financial media parades expert after expert showing economic or political situations in  Read More

Failure Of Treasury Yields Slow Financial Stocks

by Tom Bowley

Market Recap for Friday, March 10, 2017 U.S. equities posted mostly strong results on Friday with a bit of relative strength from the more aggressive NASDAQ and Russell 2000.  The NASDAQ 100 ($NDX) posted the best percentage gain of all, but keep in mind that the NDX does not include financial stocks and that area suffered from the 10 year treasury yield's ($TNX) inability...  Read More