We've Released 36 Major Improvements So Far This Month


The features at the end of the list with stars by their names are the key features of our new PRO service level.

So, by my (somewhat generous) count, that works out to 8+5+5+18 = 36 new features released in the last half-month.  Oh, and did we mention that we also held our annual conference during that same time?  (Click here for conference news and pictures.)

Phew!  We're going on vacation!  (Not really, sigh...)


TOP TEN STOCKCHARTS.COM "NOOKS" THAT YOU MIGHT BE MISSING - Every day we hear from people that have just discovered a great little nook of our website that they didn't know about.  While we love hearing from people when they make these discoveries, it is always a little frustrating because it means that there are probably lots of other people out there that haven't fully toured the website yet.  In an effort to speed up the discovery process, here are 10 great 100% free "nooks" that everyone should know about:

  1. The old archives for our ChartWatchers newsletter - going all the way back to 1999.
  2. Our Facebook page - a great "timeline" record of all the new content on our site and no, you don't need to be a Facebook member to see it.
  3. Our new Sector Summary - lets you drilldown through the US stock market starting with S&P Sectors and then Dow Industries and the individual stocks.
  4. Our Top Subscriber Cities map - are there lots of other StockCharts members near you?
  5. Our Sitemap - the roadmap to all the big areas on
  6. The Recent Data Updates Page - all the data changes that we have made over the past month
  7. Trading Strategies - complete documentation for many popular technical trading strategies
  8. Advanced Scan Library - important and educational scan criteria that can be used directly or incorporated into other custom scans
  9. Our Market Summary Page - a complete overview of what happened in the market today
  10. Our Sector Rotation Analysis Page - a PerfChart that shows the current state of sector rotation in the market (Hint: Change the chart to use Histogram mode.)

There are lots of other great tools and features of the site waiting to be discovered.  Why not set asside some time soon to see what other great gems you can find?


WELCOME GATIS ROZE AND "THE TRADING JOURNAL" BLOG - In case you missed it, we've added another great author to our collection.  Gatis Roze is not writing articles in our free Blogs area for "The Trading Journal" blog.  His first article, titled "Double Your Money - Buy on Rumors" was very well received and this latest effort, "Talk to Your EGO Before You Trade!", is also generating lots of buzz.  Be sure to check them out.

OUR NEW SECTOR SUMMARY AREA CONTINUES TO IMPROVE - Our new Sector Summary area lets you drill down into the various sectors and industries that make up the stock market showing you the strongest performers at each level.  We've just added the ability to see MarketCarpets for each level as well as the ability to select different time frames for performance calculations.  To get started, simply click on the "Sector Summary" link on the homepage located just under the yellow "Today in the Market" chart.

PUBLIC CHARTLIST UPDATE NOTIFICATIONS START NEXT WEEK - Our Public ChartList area continues to get lots of visitors as the authors continue to improve their content and readers continue to vote for and follow their favorites.  If you haven't visited the Public ChartList area recently, be sure to stop by today and see some of the great content you've been missing.

Next week, we will roll out another big improvement for PCL readers - an email-based notification system that will let you know whenever any of the lists your are following have been updated.  You can choose to be notified immediately after any of your lists are updated, or via a once-a-day digest message that summarizes all the changes for the previous 24 hour period.  You can also choose to disable notifications entirely (or simply unfollow whichever lists are annoying you).

Public ChartList authors will also be able to earn a new perk that will allow them to add a personal message to the notification messages that get sent out.  Watch for more details to appear during the week.




OVER 800 ARTICLES AND COUNTING!  The StockCharts Answer Network (s.c.a.n.) passed another milestone last week with its 800th question getting answered.  If you haven't visited it yet, s.c.a.n. is a free user-to-user question-and-answer area where you can get your questions about using answered quickly by other experienced users.  But don't just visit s.c.a.n. when you have a problem, keeping up with the answers to questions that other people ask can be even more rewarding.  Each week another couple of gems pops out of the discussions there - for instance here's one from last week about the differences between Price Channels and Keltner Channels.

"SAME SCALE" PRICE OVERLAY FIXES BOND YIELD CHARTS - Quick, what is wrong with this picture?

(Click for live version)

This is a chart with the 10-year and 20-year bond yields overlaid on top of each other.  The problem is that the vertical scales are different.  Compare the scale of the left with the scale on the right.  Now check out this chart:

BondOverlays2(Click for live version)

Now that's more like it!  Both bond yields are now on the same scale and their distance is accurately displayed.  If you want to chart several things on the same scale, you can now do so with the new "Price (same scale)" choice in the SharpCharts "Overlays" dropdown.


NEW eBOOK FROM ALEXANDER ELDER AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY FOR STOCKCHARTS USERS - Dr. Alexander Elder has just published a new eBook called "To Trade or Not to Trade, A Beginner's Guide".  It is now available for instant download in the StockCharts Store for only $8.00.  This version contains information that is specific to the use of and is only available here.  Dr. Elder has written several classic books on how to trade succesfully including Come Into My Trading Room and Trading for a Living.  This latest eBook can help anyone become a better trader and may be the best $8 you ever spent.  Download your copy today.

COVERAGE OF EUROPEAN STOCKS AND INDEXES WILL END ON MARCH 1st - As Chip announced in his blog yesterday, we have not had enough demand for our European charting services - ExtraRT/EU and ExtraRT+ - to justify continuing them.  Unfortunately the high cost of that data combined with the low number of subscribers means that we have to discontinue coverage of all LSE, Euronext and German stocks and indexes after March 1st. Please read Chip's blog post for more details.

LOS ANGELES SCU SEMINAR ALMOST FULL - Only a couple of slots are still open for our first ever StockCharts University (SCU) Seminar at the Marina del Rey Marriott in sunny Los Angeles this March.  Have Chip Anderson show you how to use StockCharts to analyze the market and find great stocks.  Click here for more information.

CHARTCON 2012 EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION ENDS ON JANUARY 31st - Don't miss our biggest event of the year, ChartCon 2012 with John Murphy, Carl Swenlin, Arthur Hill, Tom Bowley and Richard Rhodes this August in Seattle.  Early Bird pricing is in effect only until the end of this month.  Don't delay!  Click here for more information including dates and the agenda.


ANNOUNCING SCTRs, AN IMPORTANT NEW TOOL FOR CHART WATCHERS - Stock ranking systems are nothing new.  Investors Business Daily has had their well-known RS Rank system in place for years.  Today, we are announcing our own stock ranking system called the StockCharts Technical Rank (SCTR) - "Scooters" for short.

Like all ranking systems, SCTRs take a predefined universe of stocks (initially the S&P 500) and calculate a score for each stock.  The stocks are then sorted based on that score and assigned a rank - a number between 0 an 100 based on their position in the sorted list.

SCTR scores are based exclusively on straightforward technical conditions championed by John Murphy in his books and presentations.  They were inspired by John's "10 Laws of Technical Trading" essay.  We'll have a ChartSchool article with the exact formula available in a week or so but essentially we are looking at 6-month performance, 20-day performance, distance from the 200-day moving average, distance from the 50-day moving average, the slope of the MACD histogram, and the RSI's value.  Each one of those factors is weighted based on John's opinion of its importance and then added together to achieve the final score for each stock.

At this point we are only creating SCTRs for just the S&P 500 stocks and presenting them in table format on this page.  We consider this to be a "Beta" test of sorts and would like feedback from everyone over the next couple of weeks about the rankings.  Do the stocks with a 90+ SCTR rank have "good looking" charts?   Do the stocks with low SCTR ranks have weak looking charts?  Are the stocks with large SCTR changes from the previous day deserving of those large changes?

Down the road, we intend to add SCTRs to a wide variety of things throughout the website including:

  • Allowing members to see the SCTR tables update in real time during market hours
  • Allowing members to use SCTRs in their custom scans
  • Creating SCTR rankings for additional stock universes including Canadians stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Small Cap stocks and Mid Cap stocks
  • Allowing members to add the SCTR line as an indicator on their charts
  • Allowing members to use a MarketCarpet based on SCTR values

We hope you find SCTRs useful.  Please take a look at them and send us feedback about how you might use them once they are fully deployed.


SEND SOMEONE THE GIFT OF CHARTING WITH THE STOCKCHARTS HOLIDAY GIFT PACK! - We've bundled 6 months of our Extra service with one of John Murphy's best books, "The Visual Investor" and our exclusive 3-disc DVD set from this year's ChartCon conference. We also tossed in a logo baseball hat and travel mug. The price is only $99.95 - that's $120 less than normal! AND we'll wrap it all up an a nice box and send it to whomever you specify along with your personal note. That's one more item checked off your holiday shopping list thanks to StockCharts. What could be better?  But hurry - in order to get things shipped properly, this offer must end on December 8th. Click here for more details.

ANOTHER GREAT OFFER FROM S.R.C. AND STOCKCHARTS - Last week's big wall chart was so well received that we've improved on it for the holiday gift giving season!  Through this special offer with our partners at SRC. we have been able to combine the big 100-year wall chart of stock history with SRC's wonderful chart books - and do it at an 80% discount!   There are three different combinations of chart books to choose from - each a better deal than the last.  Check them out and order them for yourself or your charting friends.  But be sure to order before December 5th.  Click here for more details.

By the way, if you ordered a wall chart and haven't received it yet, don't panic.  Many people got their's in the mail on Friday and yours should arrive in the next couple of days.

DON'T FORGET US ON "CYBER MONDAY" - There's a very good chance we'll have some additional one-day deals then.  Check out the "What's New" section of the website on Monday, Nov. 28th for details.

A SPECIAL NOTE TO BASIC MEMBERS - Be sure to click on the "Members" tab the next time you log in to your Basic account for details on a very special offer.


GREG SCHNELL AND TOM BOWLEY IN CALGARY...  First off, Tom Boley and Greg Schnell - two of our great market commentators - are teaming up to talk in Calgary this week.  They have already presented there Saturday morning, but if you missed that presentation, they will also be presenting on Tuesday evening.  Click here for all the details.

CHIP ANDERSON AT THE AAII CONVENTION IN VEGAS...  Chip will be giving his talk on Friday afternoon at the AAII convention at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.  If you are attending the convention, be sure to stop by and say Hi!  Here are the details.

UPCOMING CHANGES TO THE PUBLIC CHARTLIST REWARD SYSTEM - Starting on January 1st, we will be making some changes to how the Public ChartList reward system works.  As of January 1st, the following changes will occur:

  • All current Hall of Fame designations will expire
  • In order to earn Hall of Fame status, a Public ChartList must win the monthly voting contest 6 times and be approved by the StockCharts president.
  • The winner of the montly voting contest will receive 1 free month of service.  2nd place will receive 2 free weeks, and 3rd place will receive one free week.

The goal of these changes is to ensure that the Hall of Fame designation remains meaningful to the people that are browsing the Public ChartList area.



DEALS, DEALS, DEALS - Here is a list of all the ways you can save money at StockCharts.  Right now.  No waiting.  No hassel.  Real money.  Just do these things and start saving.

Phew!  Did you know about all of that before now?


THINGS NON-MEMBERS ASK ABOUT - Yes, we do have monthly charts.   Yes, we do allow you to create charts that are longer than 3 years.  Yes, you can see the data that makes up each chart.  Yes, our charts can be automatically updated.  Yes, you can scan just the charts in your portfolio.  Yes, we do have 15-minute bar charts.  Yes, we do provide free real-time data for US stocks.  Yes, you can see an example of the Market Message here.  ChartLists are groups of saved charts that you want to review later.  Having more than one ChartList lets you categorize your saved charts.  Yes, members have access to all of this and more.

No, we don't have coverage for the Indian stock market.  No, we don't have technical alerts - yet.  No, we don't provide downloadable data.  No, we don't have real-time futures data.  No, we don't charge your credit card until after the 10-day free trial is over.  No, we don't have Level 2 data.

Yes, you can learn all about our pricing and features at

"THE CANADIAN INVESTOR" BLOG ADDED - Please give our newest columnist Greg Schnell a big StockCharts welcome by visiting his new blog "The Canadian Technician" located under our Blogs tab.  Greg's blog is about technical analysis from a Canadian perspective and his first couple of articles have been very well received.  

Hint: If Greg's charts look too small on your screen, click on them once to see the enlarged version.


IMPROVEMENTS TO PREDEFINED SCAN RESULTS - We've been hard at work improving our predefined scan results page so that you can quickly see which scans have had the biggest improvements over the course of the past day.  We now have red and green bars that show you the difference in the scan results from the previous trading day.  We've also grouped our scan results into (generally) bullish and bearish scans.  That means that if you see a bunch of red bars by the "bullish" scans and a bunch of long green bars by the "bearish" scans, the market has probably moved lower (and vice versa).  Check it out!


FACEBOOK? TWITTER? YOU TUBE? LINKED-IN? - In case you missed it, StockCharts has recently expanded into several different social media networks.  So, what do you need to do about it?  Do you have to join these things too?  If so, which ones?  What's different about the information there compared to what's on the website?  We agree that it can be confusing.  Here's an FAQ about it:

Q: What's the difference between these four new areas and the website?
A: Our website contains the vast majority of our content in both the tools area and in our Blogs area.  Our Facebook page contains notifications of any blog articles we publish along with some fun, free features like "Quote of the Day" and occasional contests and giveaways.  Our Twitter feed pretty much duplicates our Facebook page for Twitter users.  And our Linked-In group allows Linked-In members (i.e., professionals) to connect with each other inside that network.

Our YouTube page is a little more special.  There you will find instructional videos and tutorials that aren't available elsewhere.  We will post links to new videos on our website when they become available.

Q: Do I have to join these other places?
A: No, you don't have to join any of these other places if you don't want to.  Anyone can visit our Facebook and YouTube pages without having to join anything.  Any content that we put on Twitter and Linked-In will also appear on our website and our Facebook page.

Q: If I only want to join one of these, which one should I join?
A: Facebook - definitely.  (But also bookmark the YouTube page.)

Q: I want to join everything.  What do I do?
A: Create a Facebook account and then click "Like" at the top of our Facebook page.  Create a Twitter account and then click "Follow" on our Twitter page.  Visit our YouTube Channel page and click "Subscribe".  Finally, create a Linked-In account and then join our group.  Keep in mind that if you join all of these networks, you'll see lots of duplicated announcements.

Q: Does any of this cost money?
A: Nope.

Q: Why would I want to do this?
A: Again, this is all optional.  People who join these networks will probably be notified of updates to our websites sooner than others.  They can also use these networks to share information with other StockCharts users.

Q: Are you going to join any other Social networks?
A: No - four is probably too many already!


DO YOU LIKE US?  DO YOU REALLY, REALLY LIKE US? -  StockCharts now has an official page on FaceBook that FaceBook users can use to keep up with the latest site developments and articles.  Just visit and click the "Like" button at the top of the page.  FaceBook users can also leave messages on our "Wall" and add comments to our article posts for other FaceBook users.  Keep an eye out for some FaceBook-only specials to appear on that page from time to time also.

(Note: Our support team is unable to actively monitor FaceBook for support requests. Please continue to use our Support tab to get official help from us if you have a problem with our website.)

P.S.  Don't forget about our Twitter page!


WINTER HAS ARRIVED AT STOCKCHARTS - Snowflakes are now at the top of most of our pages.

SCANNING FOR JUST ETFs - Members can now choose to run their scans against ETFs only.  Members can use the "Groups" dropdown on the Standard Scan Workbench (or the "Indices and ETFs" dropdown on the Advanced Workbench) to restrict their scan to just ETFs.  Can I get a "Hallelujah"?

OUR MAILBAG IS STUFFED - Arthur Hill has been answering questions left and right in our Mailbag blog.  Be sure to check it out and learn more about why the Nasdaq breadth charts have a built-in downward bias (among other things).


Internet Connectivity Upgrade Progress Report:

On Monday night we moved our site traffic off of our old 180 megabit T3 connections and back onto the gigabit Fiber connection.  Later we ran a test of our new automatic failover configuration by physically disconnecting the fiber cable from its router and we saw that our traffic immediately moved back onto the old T3 connections.  We then plugged the fiber cable back in and traffic immediately moved back onto the fiber cable.

This means that we should not have a repeat of last month's site disruptions - at least not because of lost connectivity here at the StockCharts offices.  And that is a very good thing indeed.

(BTW, we have ordered a second gigabit fiber connection to replace the T3s as a backup circuit.  That second fiber circuit should be in place by the end of the year.)

Datafeed Upgrade Progress Report:

On the data feed side of things, we continue to have a frustratingly high number of issues with our ThomsonReuters datafeed.  The good news is that because we now also have the IDC/Comstock datafeed, the problems with the Thomson feed have not been as disruptive as they might otherwise have been.

For example on Thursday morning, completely out of the blue, the Thomson feed stopped providing us with US stock information as well as with delayed Canadian information.  If we had not had the IDC/Comstock datafeed here, we would have been unable to provide charts of US stocks at all.  The IDC feed saved us from disaster.

We are continuing to move more and more of our data traffic away from the Thomson feed because of these problems but the process takes time - among other things, we need permission from the numerous exchanges as we move the various indexes across.

Our goal is to have the ability to use either the Thomson or IDC feeds for all ticker symbols that we track.  When we get to that point, a failure of one feed shouldn't disable our charts.  Right now, we have that kind of redundancy for US stocks and may common indexes.  We are working on getting that same level of redundancy for all of our symbols and hope to have that in place by the end of the year.


We've just added a new "auto-complete" dropdown box feature to our home page.  As you enter a ticker symbol or company name into the "Symbol" box, we now display suggestions from our symbol database for what we think you are looking for.  As you type more information, we'll make better and better suggestions.  It you see what you want, just click on it to see the chart.  Give it a try and let us know what you think.  We plan on adding this capability throughout our website over time.


BIGGER PIPES, BETTER SERVICE - On Friday, we upgraded our Internet connection from a 180 Megabit connection to a 1 Gigabit Fiber connection (1 Gigabit is 1024 Megabits).  That's over 5 times more bandwidth!  If you have been experiencing slowness, especially during busy market times, you might see an immediate benefit to this change.  We're going to be monitoring the new connection closely on Monday to make sure it lives up to its promise.  Please let us know if you see any significant changes one way or the other.

DESIGN CHANGES CONTINUE - Look for us to be updating our "Free Charts" area with our new design in the coming days and weeks.


NEW HOME PAGE DEBUTS - Our slick new home page provides you with a quick way to see all of the latest happenings at StockCharts.  Which stocks are hot; which blogs have been updated recently; the latest improvements to the website; and much more are all right there on  And - as an extra bonus - no more home page ads!  Bookmark it and check it frequently.

Watch for us to update the "Free Charts" area next.

MARKET MESSAGE SUBSCRIBERS GET MORE FOR THEIR MONEY - ART'S CHARTS & VIDEOS! - Arthur Hill continues to provide additional content for our Market Message subscribers.  Now, in addition to getting John Murphy's higher-level market commentary subscribers also get access to "Art's Charts" - a new blog where Arthur provides more targeted analysis of interesting stocks and ETFs severals times a day.   They also can view Arthur's video presentations showing exactly how he reaches his conclusions.  You can click here to view a sample Video presentation.  And the best part?  Subscribers get all this stuff for no additional cost!

IMPROVED INTERNET CONNECTION COMING SOON - We very close to upgrading our connection to the Internet from our current 180 Megabit connection to a 1 Gigabit(!) connection.  That's over five times more capacity than our current circuit.  Just another way we are continuing to improve our service behind the scenes.



OUR TEN-YEAR CELEBRATION IS NOW ON!  Chip started ten years ago this month and to celebrate we are running our best special ever!

* Subscribe to (or renew) any of our online services for a year and get two additional months of service free!
Normally, you'd only get one month free.

* Subscribe to (or renew) any of our online services for six months and get one additional month of service for free.
Normally, you wouldn't get any free months.

* Order anything from our online bookstore and get free shipping (to anywhere in the US or Canada).
US customers will save about $5 and Canadian customerss will save about $10 per order.

* Refer a friend to and get two free months of service when they sign up.
Normally, you only get one free month for each referral.

Don't delay however. These special deals will end soon. Click on one of the links above to get started!


Today we're unveiling several design changes to the "John Murphy" area of our website.  These changes include:

  • A new, cleaner design that echos the look of our free commentary areas - i.e. out blogs (i.e., this page!)
  • Email notifications that let subscribers see the title of each post along with the author's name without having to visit the website.
  • A new name - "StockCharts' Market Message with John Murphy" that reflects our approach of supplementing John's commentary with content from Arthur Hill and others.
  • A new video version of the Market Message that will debut soon.

John and I free that these changes will help Market Message subscribers get even more value for their money by increasing the amount of content that's available.  We hope you agree.

As always please let me know if you have suggestions for more improvements.

UPDATE:  Some nice feedback on the new look has already come in -

Just a quick comment to welcome Arthur as an official commentator, with the redesign of the webpage.  I love John and Arthur both and their different styles give a well rounded look at the markets.

Nice! I can read the comments and see the chart at the same time. Much improved.


NEW "WHAT'S NEW" AREA - We've reworked the "What's New" area on the "Members" page so that it now shows you all of the latest posts from our various blogs.  I know that some of you just look at your charts and never read the "What's New" area but please do yourself a favor and click the "Members" tab every now and then to look for interesting articles and announcements there.

BLOGGING FOR THESTREET.COM - Our new blog "Don't Ignore This Chart!" is pretty popular.  So popular in fact that it has been picked up by TheStreet,com's new website,!  If you haven't checked it out, click here to see a collection of articles on charts with "interesting" technical developments.

- We're continuing to add more tutorials to our Step-by-Step area.  Or first two were about how to create charts with multiple stocks on them - either overlaid or side-by-side.  Since then, we've been cranking out tutorials that can help you make sure your computer is configured correctly.  Look for more charting-oriented tutorials soon.


In case you missed it, we are now publishing a ton of new content about charting and technical analysis on our seven(!) different blogs.  One of the great things about blogs is that you can "subscribe" to a blog and then get notified as soon as anything new is posted.  Each one of our blogs has a "Subscribe" button up top and I encourage you to click on them and set up a subscription in order to stay up-to-date with the latest info from us.

If you are new to using blog subscriptions (also called "RSS Feeds"), then just click on the "View Feed XML" link that appears after you hit subscribe.  That should take you to a page that lets you subscribe to the feed using your web browser.  For more information about Feeds, I urge you to review the information on this page and watch the video at the bottom (it's very entertaining!).

Finally, if you are like me, you want to everything that's happening at StockCharts all the time.  If that's the case, then instead of looking at each one of our blogs individually, you can look at the "Master StockCharts Blog" which contains copies of all the recent articles from all of the other seven blogs in one place.  You can also chose to subscribe to the master blog instead of subscribing to all seven of the other blogs.


"UNIVERSAL LOGIN" NOW WORKING - We've finally, finally, finally fixed something that has been bugging lots of people for a long time. In the past, we had two very different ways to log into our website. People who subscribed to our Extra or Basic charting service logged in using the boxes on our homepage. People who subscribed to John Murphy's Market Message logged in by clicking the "John Murphy" tab and then entering their information in the popup box that appeared. People that subscribed to both services had to enter their information in both places (ugh!). WELL NO LONGER! Now, everyone can use the boxes on our homepage to login regardless of their subscription type and "combo" subscribers can move between the charting sections and the Market Message area without getting harassed a second time. Finally!


As we continue to evaluate alternative data feeds, we continue to be surprised by the results we are getting especially when it comes to data accuracy. Last week, we finally started charting intraday data from several different providers in our test lab. That allowed us to visible compare the results and see which vendors could give us the "best" data. We were surprised to find out that our current vendors data was by far the "cleanest" of all the feeds we were looking at. That was surprising because our users alert us to minor intraday spikes on our charts all the time. We've asked the other data vendors to explain why their data is so "spikey" - hopefully, they will be able to find and fix the problem. If not, we'll move forward knowing that we are providing our members with the cleanest data available - even if it isn't always perfect.


Dow Jones announced last week that they are removing Altria and Honeywell from the index and adding Citibank and Chevron. The change takes effect at the start of trading on Tuesday.

MARKET HOLIDAY ON MONDAY - Don't forget that both the US and Canadian markets are closed on Monday.

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