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Looking for the big momentum movers? Check out the MarketCarpet using StochRSI in change mode. StochRSI is the Stochastic Oscillator applied to RSI, which makes it RSI on steroids. Clicking the change icon at the top shows the big movers. Today, we are seeing NE, CNX and GS with upside momentum surges, while ZTS, HCP and OMC show strong moves in downside momentum.  Click here for instructions.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 11.23.11 PM
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Marking Momentum Support for the Russell 2000 ETF

The Russell 2000 ETF (IWM) surged to a new high with two long white candlesticks. Notice how the ETF opened weak on Monday and then moved higher and exceeded the September high. Also notice how StochRSI held support at .50 and moved back above .80 today. Chartists can now mark momentum support at .50 on the chart.

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Elder Bars Turns Green as ARIA Breaks Flag Resistance

Chartists looking for stocks on the move can turn to our pre-defined scans page and the Elder bar scans. Stocks with an Elder bar turning green are turning up. Those with an Elder bar turning red are turning down. The chart below shows Ariad Pharma with a big green Elder bar as the stock breaks flag resistance.

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Wal-mart Comes Across Bullish Momentum Scan

Wal-mart corrected with the rest of the market over the last two months and retraced 50-61.80% of its prior advance with a falling channel. The correction stopped just short of broken resistance in the 72 area as prices surged back above 75 the last few days. Also notice that MACD moved above its signal line, which qualified WMT for the bullish MACD cross scan.

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Facebook Springs to Life with Gap and MACD Cross

Facebook (FB) has underperformed the market this year, but momentum is improving as MACD moved above its signal line this week. Notice how the stock held support in the 25 area and gapped up on Friday. This gap is bullish as long as it holds. A move below 25.9 would negate the gap.

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Copper ETF Hits Long Term Support Zone

With a sharp decline this month, the Copper ETF (JJC) entered a support zone that extends back to the 2010 lows. The ETF also become oversold as RSI dipped below 30 for the first time since September 2011. The knife, however, is still falling as long as RSI remains below 30.

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Weekly MACD Turns Negative for Copper

It has been a bearish year for Spot Copper ($COPPER) and the recent breakdown points to even lower prices ahead. In addition to MACD turning negative, copper broke triangle support to signal a continuation of the prior decline (2011). The next support zone resides in the 2.80 area.

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Market Vectors Semiconductor ETF Forms Small Rising Wedge

After a sharp decline last week, the Market Vectors Semiconductor ETF (SMH) formed with a small rising wedge the last six days. These are typically bearish continuation pataterns and a break below 34.5 would signal a continuation lower. The indicator window shows the KST momentum oscillator moving below its signal line last week.

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Lockheed Martin Crosses the Bullish CCI Scan

Big defense contractors got slammed in late January as the market priced in a worst-case sequester scenario in about seven trading days. LMT firmed after this sharp decline and then surged with a long hollow candlestick on Wednesday. This move was strong enough to push CCI above 100 and trigger a bullish signal on our predefined scans page.

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Retail SPDR Leads with a 52-week High

The stock market may be overbought and sentiment may seem overly bullish, but buying pressure continues to outpace selling pressure. Case-in-point: the Retail SPDR (XRT) surged to a fresh 52-week high on Tuesday and the price relative (XRT:SPY ratio) is challenging its November high. Strength in retailers is a positive sign for the economy and the market.

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Dow Tests Key Moving Average as MACD Rolls Over

The Dow has fallen over 300 points in the last six trading days and is now testing the 200-day moving average. The senior Average broke above this key average in early December and needs to hold the breakout. A break back below 13000 would be quite negative.  MACD is already signaling a turn in momentum as the oscillator moved below its signal line today.

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MACD Turns Positive for lululemon

Momentum is improving for lululemon (LULU) as MACD turned positive for the first time since late October. On the price chart, the stock is challenging the upper trend line of a falling channel. A breakout would signal a continuation of the August-September advance and target a move to new highs.

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Defense Stocks Suffer as Fiscal Cliff Looms

The Dow Jones Defense Index ($DJUSDN) plunged on Wednesday and broke support with further weakness on Thursday. This move reverses a five month uptrend. MACD also moved lower and is on the verge of turning negative for the first time since mid June. Click here to see a listing of stocks in this group.

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Nordstrom Tests Support as CCI Plunges

Nordstrom (JWN) surged last week, but gave back these gains with a sharp decline the last six days. JWN is now testing support from the late September low. Momentum abruptly shifted as well. Notice that CCI plunged below -100 and this may signal that a new downtrend is emerging for JWN.

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A Bearish MACD Crossover for OpenTable

OpenTable (OPEN) shows signs of rolling over as a lower high takes shape and MACD moves below its signal line. Notice that OPEN hit resistance near the 61.80% retracement just above 46. MACD is barely in positive territory and this downturn puts it on the trajectory to turn negative.

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December Corn Makes a Break For It

Corn surged during the summer drought news and then corrected as summer drew to a close. This correction appears to be ending as December Corn ($CZ12) broke channel resistance and the Percent Price Oscillator (PPO) turned up. This week’s low now marks key support at 725.

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Norfolk Southern Falls Sharply From Resistance

Norfolk Southern (NSC) is a railroad company and a key part of the Dow Transports. The chart below shows NSC hitting resistance around 75 and falling over 1% today. Notice that MACD barely made it back in positive territory on the last bounce. Another downturn from here would surely turn momentum bearish.


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Ford Breaks Out as MACD Crosses above its Signal Line

Ford (F) came across the bullish MACD scan as the MACD line moved above its signal line (9-day EMA of MACD). On the price chart, F formed a falling wedge at the end of August and broke wedge resistance with a surge the last three days. The late August low becomes key support.

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Weekly Percent Price Oscillator Falls, but Remains Positive for SPY

The Percent Price Oscillator (PPO) is a momentum oscillator that fluctuates above/below the zero line. While traders use divergences and direction for signals, investors can simply abide by the positive and negative crosses. The bulls have a trend edge when PPO is positive, while the bears have an edge when the PPO is negative.


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TSX Composite Surges off Long-term Support

The big trend is down since early 2011 and a big head-and-shoulders could be forming, but, for now, the TSX Composite is showing life with a surge off support that extends all the way back to early 2010. Also notice that MACD formed a higher low and is poised to break above its signal line.

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A Bollinger Band Squeeze for American Eagle

American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) has been stuck in a consolidation since early May. Moreover, notice that this consolidation is narrowing as the Bollinger Bands contract. In the indicator window, Bollinger BandWidth is currently at its lowest level since February, which was scene of the last big contraction and breakout. Watch the current boundaries for the next directional clue.


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Apple CCI Becomes Oversold for Third Time in Twelve Months

When it comes to the Commodity Channel Index (CCI), there is oversold and then there is OVERSOLD. Readings below -100 are average oversold, while anything below -200 is really oversold. For just the third time in twelve months, 20-day CCI for Apple moved below -200. Prior readings occurred in June 2011 and November 2011. Apple reports earnings on Tuesday.

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A Bollinger Band Squeeze for Procter & Gamble

After a big surge in February, PG moved into a trading range and the Bollinger Bands contracted significantly. This “squeeze” means volatility is contracting, which in turn could foreshadow a volatility expansion (range break).  A close above the upper band would be bullish, while a close below the lower band would be bearish.

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CCI Bounces from Oversold Levels for Home Construction iShares

The Home Construction iShares (ITB) corrected over the last few weeks with a falling flag pattern taking shape. The flag is still falling, but the Commodity Channel Index is rebounding with a move back above -100 (oversold). The next step for CCI is a trendline break.

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Weekly MACD Keeps Traders on the Right Side of the Bigger Trend

The chart below shows the S&P 500 ETF with weekly candles and weekly MACD (12,26,9). Even though some signals may seem late, this classic indicator combines trend following and momentum to keep players on the right side of trend. Moves above the signal line favor the bulls, while moves below favor the bears. At the very least, traders should attempt to trade in harmony with this indicator.

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