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May 15th 5P Update: Missed the update last week, but it's mostly more of the same. We're still pushing 2400 and trying to break out in the S&P. The real action is in individual names - mainly tech. Miners pop for a few days, the fade. Speciality chemicals are hot for a few days, then fade. Oil is hot for 2 days, then fades. Bonds are hot for 2 days, then fade. Fins are hot.....well you get the idea. Outside of a few tech names, it's very sloppy trading. It feels like summer - except it's still May. For my part, I've been trying to stay with the hot names which are ever changing and rotating. The ones that stay hot and the ones that you want. AMD has been a good one for me off the lows. (NVDA would have been even better.) AAPL is another that's been good to me. What else is working? Overseas and emerging markets have seen alot of inflows lately which is driving stocks higher. If I had to pick, I'd go with EEM but I'm not in the trade right now. What's not working? Retail (besides AMZN and a few other names). Energy is still weak despite the oil pop today. Gold miners looked iffy as of today. I do best in big, broad uptrends that rise all boats. With IT Vol Mom and SPX Summation index both red, I have to scrap and scratch my way into some green trades and hope that 1 day we'll bust right through 2400 and keep going. Until then, good luck out there!


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