Virginia's Volatility Charts

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27 June 3:00 PM All of the Gold and Oil Charts have been categorized in sections. To find the gold charts, simply scroll down to Gold. This should make the chart list more user friendly.

1:00 PM I created several new charts. I made two new charts for NUGT, JDST, and UCO. . These charts are designed for longer-term trades and not for day trading. They indicators take the guesswork if the ETF is going down or up longer term. I guess every now and then I can create something good, lol. Anyway, I hope you like these new charts as much as I do. Thank you for your daily vote^^.

11:00 AM It's been almost two weeks since I have posted a commentary. I have been busy decluttering and organizing our home. I still posted some new charts for LABU and for UWT. Positions currently held are UWT, UCO, and JDST. Thank you for those that still voted for my chart list while I took a break. I have several new charts, but I really would like to see voting and following pick up in order to keep me motivated to keep creating and posting charts. Thanks, and have a wonderful day!

15 June 0715: Yesterday, a new JDST chart was added-1 Hour 45 Min on page 1. A little after 1 PM yesterday, I picked up shares of JDST fully knowing that Yellen would come out of her cave at 2PM. When the rate hate was announced, gold plummeted and JDST shot up to about $71.20. I was already up 11%. I held overnight based on the new chart. Stop loss is on. Still watching XIV.... Have a great day.

14 June Premarket-UWT is down over 3% this morning in oremarket. UWT was averaged down for a lower price on Monday. UCO was bought on Monday as well. Looks like GBTC might have a rebound soon? Waiting for XIV to fall...have a great day.

I have been out of the state of West Virginia to North Carolina and back. It's been a busy summer so far:) Tomorrow will be girls day at a local winery in Northern Virginia to celebrate my friend's birthday. Northern Virginia is known for being somewhat like California in being a wine country.

06 June Noon: DWT was so


$BRENT - Daily Heikin-Ashi, Custom (900X1900)

$INDU (a) - 2 hour Area 45 Day Area

$INDU - 1 hour Area, 1280

$INDU - 10 min Candlesticks, 1280

$NASI - Daily Candlesticks, 1280

$NATGAS - Weekly 3 Month Renko, 1280

$NATGAS - Weekly 7 Month Renko, 1280

$SPX - 1 hour Solid Line, Custom (900X850)

ACIA - 2 hour Area, 1280

ACIA - 2 hour Heikin-Ashi, 1280

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