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Stock Reversals & 3x ETF Trade Alerts

UPDATE: I am in the middle of revamping my list so mirror more of my style of active trading.
Over the next week I will be providing new charts along with weekly explosive momentum stock plays.

MOMENTUM REVERSAL METHOD - MRM: After nearly two decades of testing with both individual stocks and ETFs I trade what I call MRM.

In essence, my work revolves around crowd psychology or what I call 'Crowd Behavior'. If there is one thing in the stock markets that never changes, it's how crowds react to news and events. And more importantly how they over-react more importantly. Combining the strengths and benefits of monthly, weekly, daily and 30minute charts for precision market timing I expect strong price momentum within days of entering a position.

The MRM system helps to define where the crowd may be over-reacting on the upside and on the downside of a move in a security. Knowing roughly where that upside and downside exhaustion point, can obviously be a huge tool in a traders tool box. Stock reversals provide the ultimate swing trading opportunities, and coupled with my market forecasts that allow you to know of critical turning points in advance is a real game changer!


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0001a - NUGT Example

0001aa UGAZ Example

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